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Sergej Kiel

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Sergej started as an intern with Micah Global in August 2016. He will be covering our Micah Papers, working Groups and helping to develop a search link for members through their sectoral interests. Coupled to this Sergej helps us greatly in our logistics and administration tasks.

Here is his story of how he came to know Micah

‘The Secret life of Walter Mitty – a nice movie I could watch to relax.’ Those were my thoughts when I grabbed the DVD last December to enjoy my free evening. But it turned out to be my starting point with Micah Global! This movie touched my heart so much, that afterwards I had to take a walk outside and talk to God. I knew back then that in July 2016 I would finish my Masters of Theology in Germany and I planned to continue my studies at university. But after five years of studying so much about God, the Bible and my faith it was time for me to continue my studies in the praxis of what I learned. So I was standing outside, asking God where I could direct all this passion I was feeling.

The international context is something that really had a big impact on me during my life. I was born in Russia in 1989 during a cold winter night in Siberia, but since my sixth birthday I had been living in Germany. After I finished school I couldn’t wait to leave Germany and explore the world, so I went to the Philippines to do my civil service there. It was an important year for me, because God was teaching me so much through the people I met there. I was part of a church planting project in an area where most of the people were living in poverty. It was really challenging for me to have friends who have to fight to get enough food day-by-day, knowing that I don’t have to worry about issues like that. It was painful seeing situations like this that are so unjust.

After that year I wanted be involved in church work that involved preaching the gospel to the people and helping meet the challenges they face - that was my goal. So I started to study Theology and every time I had free weeks between the semesters, I went on short-term trips to be part of different projects in Japan, Lebanon and Russia. Every time God was challenging me and I learned so much.

So after watching ‘Walter Mitty’ I started to search for an opportunity where I could be working while I continued my studies. I was talking to various people and asked God to guide me. And in the end – I’m standing here, doing an internship with Micah Global and I am really excited about that. ‘Integral Mission’ is a term I got to know just some months ago, but the concept has been moving me for years. I’m looking forward to the coming months and I’m curious as to how God will use this time. It’s amazing to see how God can use the small and ‘normal’ situations in our lives to encounter us and to lead us on our ways – even if we are ‘just’ watching movies.