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God's Mission or Ours?

Integral Mission Forum Global Connections and Micah co facilitate two Integral Mission Forum each year. We warmly invite you to our next forum: Dates: Wednesday 27th September 2017 Time: 11am to 4pm… mais

Bem-vindo à Rede Miquéias

Bem-vindo à Rede Miquéias

A Rede Miquéias é uma comunidade global de cristãos que inclui organizações e indivíduos comprometidos à missão integral. Fundada em setembro de 1999, a Rede Miquéias associa organizações e… mais

Save the Date

Global Consultation

Micah Global will hold their 7th Triennial Global Consultation from 10 - 14th September 2018. It is Asia's turn to host and a location will be announced soon. Keep an eye on this page and our… mais

Micah Zambia Regional Consultation: Peace, Reconciliation and Healing

Micah Zambia, Micah Global, PRN and EFZ will host a Southern Africa Integral Mission Conversation from 20-22nd November in Lusaka, Zambia.… mais

Nossos recursos

Nossos recursos

A core responsibility of a network is to help members improve and strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring our vision and mission are forwarded. Micah Network seeks to develop a… mais

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Global Consultation September 2012

Status: Pre Consultation

The overall theme of the Consultation is: Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact. In June 2011 we held a Review of the Micah Declaration and the findings indicated that:… mais

Disaster Management Project

Status: Phase 1 Complete


Background In 2006, representatives of Micah Network, World Evangelical Alliance and Integral Alliance met together to discuss a concept paper written by Marcus Oxley of Tearfund U… mais

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A Rede Miquéias tem um boletim informativo mensal gratuito que destaca as últimas notícias, pontos de vista, desenvolvimentos e próximos eventos.