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Micah Network initiates projects when the membership raises and identifies specific needs or concerns that require our corporate attention. We can develop our thoughts and approaches by:

  • A strategic conversation: to gather our collective reflections, experience and learning. The outcome of the conversation may lead to the set up of a task force that is commissioned to research and develop resources for the network.
  • A review and consultation: to collate current learning and approaches, filter and select best practice to make accessible to the networt.
  • Development of orientation and training material so as to enhance member’s capacity.
  • Facilitation of workshops and training of trainer’s initiatives so as to roll out good practice initiatives.
  • Establish and link up to campaigns that promote and influence for transformational development, for example the Micah Challenge campaign.

All activities are guided through a Terms of Reference and Project Proposal.

Monitoring and reporting on progress will be made accessible here and members are encouraged to submit their feedback and take discussions further through the relevant forums, events and communication platforms hosted by Micah Network.

Current projects are reported below:

Micah Papers

Status: In progress


One of the main outcomes from our recent 6th Triennial Global Consultation has been the establishment of working groups on thematic issues of concern, which were identified during our time together. Each working group is tasked with the publication… read

Sustainable Organisations Initiative

Status: Launched


At our Global Consultation in Peru (Sept 2015) Wiebke Sute-Blume and Peter Seerberger from Micah Switzerland / StopArmut, presented a paper on Sustainable Organisations. This was well received and after further discussions we are pleased to begin… read

Global Consultation September 2015

Status: Post Consultation


The Theme for the 6th Micah Global Triennial Consultation was Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace and joy 349 full time participants took part coming from 63 nations. To review the programme and pre-consultation information, see here… read

IMC Kenya 2015

Status: Completed


On March 6th to 7th 2015, Micah held an Integral Mission Conversation in Kenya entitled: Integral Mission and the Community. We had 63 participants from 5 countries taking part. For information on the event, including the flyer and programme see… read

IMC Tanzania March 2015

Status: Report


On Tuesday 10th March 2015 Micah held our first Integral Mission Conversation in Tanzania entitled: Transformation: an integrated response. We had 68 participants from 5 countries taking part. The exciting outcome of this meeting was the agreement… read

Micah Transition

Status: Completing


This information is also available in French and Spanish. 2015 represents a year of transition for the Micah family. Micah Network and Micah Challenge merged in December 2014 forming a new network/movement called Micah.… read

Summary Review 2013

Status: Published

The Micah Network 2013 Summary Review outlines all of the activities carried out by Micah Network in 2013, including events, representations and ongoing programmes. It also includes the annual financial summary. Please do download and share with… read

Global Consultation September 2012

Status: Post Consultation


The overall theme of the Consultation was: Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact. 325 participants from 58 countries came together in Thun, Switzerland to discuss and learn together. Each day we wrestled… read

Annual Review 2010

Status: Published

The Micah Network 2010 Annual Review captures all the activities we were part of during the year and reports against the strategic objectives. Please do download and share with colleagues.… read

Revision of Proposal & Reporting Formats

Status: Complete

The Proposal and Reporting Formats are now Finalised. As you will have probably heard at the 5th Global Consultation, some MN members have been working on up-dating the MN proposal and report templates. This process of revision and trial is now… read