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Welcome to Micah Global

Welcome to Micah Global

Micah Global is a global Christian community of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission. Established in September 1999, Micah draws Christian organisations and individuals, often… read

Global Consultation

Global Consultation

Micah Global will hold our 7th Triennial Global Consultation from 10 - 14th September 2018. Theme: Integral Mission and Resilient Communities - addressing poverty, injustice and conflict. Location:… read

Micah Zambia Regional Consultation: Peace, Reconciliation and Healing - April 2018

This event will take place from the 15th to the 18th April 2018! Micah Zambia, Micah Global, PRN and EFZ will host a Southern Africa Integral Mission Conversation from 15-18 April 2018 in Lusaka,… read

Our resources

Our Resources

A core responsibility of a network is to help members improve and strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring our vision and mission are forwarded. Micah Network seeks to develop a… read

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Global Consultation September 2018

Status: Save the date!

The 7th Micah Global Triennial Consultation Micah Global will hold our 7th Triennial Global Consultation from 10 - 14th September 2018… read

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